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Aviation is our passion. It’s our lifestyle. We love what we do. And we love people who love what we do, too. If you love aviation as much as us, then you’ll understand that a aircraft is just the start of an incredible journey. Whether you’re an Owner or an operator guest, what matters most is an aircraft’s ability to bring you extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


We might be guiding you with your first purchase, or acting as your consulting partner, but we’ll help you see beyond the asset and envision the venture. Considering not just what your aircraft is today, but where it might take your family tomorrow.


Chris Warton has spent time in many roles in business and commercial aviation. From Back country and regional jet flying to leading large teams at Bombardier and CAE, these opportunities have provided Chris with the tools to succeed in the best industry in the world. The jobs have changed over the years, but the one constant in his life has been aviation.


Living in Dallas now, Chris is part of local business aviation organizations and continues to fly on the Global platform. These experiences compliment Scott’s capability to bring success to the Acquire Jets client base.

Scott Gugel has over 30 years of aviation experience around the world. From flying yacht-based helicopters to the newest long-range jets, he has the experience necessary to effectively help clients choose the best aircraft for their needs.


Some of his additional experience includes: A&P and IA certificates, NBAA CAM, Captain type ratings in many jets including the Global Express and Gulfstream G650, and 10 years of aircraft sales experience.

Lenin J. Perez is a dynamic entrepreneur with over a decade of sales experience across multiple industries. Fueled by a passion for aviation, he embarked on a new venture as the Sales Director for Acquire Jets, leveraging their expertise to assist clients in finding their dream private jets and helicopters. With an innate ability to connect with clients and a relentless commitment to excellence, Lenin has become a trusted advisor in the world of luxury aviation, guiding high net worth individuals towards exclusive and tailored solutions that fulfill their aviation desires.

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